6 Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Six tips for Advertising on Facebook that are worth their weight in gold:Let’s say your client wants to create an ad campaign on Facebook and you’ve been tasked with handling everything. But where do you start? This is how we handle new projects at Up E-Digital. And these six tips have become an integral part of our own Facebook Marketing Strategy (which works great!)

Facebook is one of the most powerful channels for brands to reach their target audience. This is especially true for businesses with limited budgets or those just starting out.

The social network’s ad platform offers a variety of options for targeting, including demographics, interests and behaviors. Here are six tips for creating effective Facebook ads:

1. Look at audience insights

One of the most important tips for Facebook advertising is looking at your audience insights. Facebook paid advertising allows you to learn about your audience before risking your budget. You don’t want to waste your money on a campaign that isn’t effective for your business. You can mine Facebook data and show exactly who is in your target market.

This data comes from people already connected to your page and people on Facebook. This information is based on people who already like your page. This helps you better understand your audience and who is likely to follow through with your ad’s call to action (CTA).

What’s great about this Facebook ads tip is that it saves you time and money. You’ll have a better understanding of your audience and be able to produce an ad that appeals to them. You can focus on the quality of your ad and save time trying to figure out if people will engage with your ad.

2. Create unique audiences

If you take away any of these Facebook advertising tips, let it be this: Use unique audiences to help you drive better results with your campaign. One of Facebook’s unique and prominent features is the ability to create unique audiences. Facebook allows you to create specific and in-depth audiences, which enables you to create a more effective campaign.

With unique audiences, you can serve different ads to different people in your target audience. If you have 100 people that like your business, all 100 people aren’t interested in your business for the same reasons. Let’s say you own an HVAC company.

You may have 50 people who are interested in your air conditioning services, while the other 50 are interested in your heating services. If you wanted to run an effective Facebook advertising campaign, you wouldn’t lump all these leads together and show them one ad. Instead, you can create unique audiences with these people and show them an ad that’s tailored to their interests.

Creating unique audiences allows you to deliver two completely different ads to these segmented groups. You can create segmented audiences within your segments. In this case, you can sell the same product to two different groups.

So, let’s say you’re marketing your heating services to those 50 people interested in them. Half of them are residents looking for heating repair services, while the other half are looking for heating installation. These two groups still want heating services, but they have different motivations.

This is an important tip for Facebook advertising. You’ll deliver a more personalized experience for people, even if they are interested in the same product or service, by creating unique audiences. It helps you deliver a more effective campaign for your audience.

3. Create a unique landing page for your ad

When you’re looking for advertising tips for Facebook, one of the most significant tips is that you create a unique landing page for your ad. A unique landing page allows you to create a specialized page that focuses solely on your ad’s content. People get easily distracted.

If you direct them to a page on your website, you risk them losing interest or getting distracted by your page. When you already have people interested in a specific product or service, you don’t want to lose their interest in directing them to a broad page on your website. By creating a unique landing page, you keep your audience focused.

You guide them directly to the information they want and get them closer to converting. Landing pages allow you to maximize your efforts and keep your audience engaged. When you create your Facebook landing page, focus on the product or service you’re advertising.

You want to keep your audience thinking about that product or service. Providing them with valuable information will keep them interested in your business and make this Facebook ad campaign tip effective!

4. Test different copy, images and calls to action

Facebook’s advertisements are very visual — just check out these Facebook ad examples. Whenever you see a Facebook ad in your feed, it’s accompanied by some form of a visual element. When you create your Facebook ad, you must think about the imagery you attach to it.

Generally, companies use photos or videos in their ads. When you choose this visual element, you want it to fit with your advertising campaign. It should enhance your campaign and make it more interesting and engaging for your audience.

Let’s refer back to the HVAC company. If this company was advertising their heating services, they wouldn’t have a picture of a family at the beach in the heat. This wouldn’t make sense because you’re advertising heating services and the beach doesn’t have anything to do with the heating services!

Instead, a picture of a family sitting inside their house with snow falling outside their window would be a better fit. This photo is more appropriate because people mostly associate heating with cold weather. An image like this is more likely to engage your audience.

As you set up your Facebook advertising campaign, consider the visual images you’re attaching to your campaign. This imagery will strongly impact how your audience interacts with your ad. You want to ensure you choose the right visual elements to increase engagement with your ads.

5. Establish your bid strategy

The last thing you want to do with your Facebook advertising campaign is overspend. Your budget is important to you, and you want to stretch every dollar. One of the best Facebook advertising tips is to establish your bid strategy early.

You can set your bid strategy by determining how much leads are worth to you. What is an amount you’re comfortable spending to obtain leads, and how much will you get in return if they convert? Establish your budget and how many leads you’re hoping to obtain.

When you know your budget amount, you can better plan for how much you want to bid for each click. It also helps to know how many leads you want to earn, so you can choose a bid amount that gives you the flexibility to earn that set amount of leads. Facebook also has the option to use optimized bids.

With this feature, you give Facebook permission to bid for ad space based on your goals and perimeters you set. This means that Facebook will choose the ad bid amount that works best for your campaign set up. Setting a bid strategy allows you to maximize your budget and avoid spending too much on each lead.

You’ll obtain more valuable leads and generate better results with your campaign when you use this Facebook ad tip.

6. Retarget your audience

Retargeting is a crucial part of advertising on Facebook. Sometimes people will interact with your ad and learn about your products or services, but they won’t convert right away. This doesn’t mean they don’t want your product or services, they just aren’t ready to commit.

This is where retargeting helps. You can show ads to people who showed interest in your products or services previously. Retargeted ads have a higher conversion rate and lower costs per click because you’re advertising to leads already interested in your business.

You can target people who take action on your site, watch a percentage of your video, or dwell on a product page for a long time. Creating a retargeted ad based on these specific actions allows you to re-engage people and get them to convert.

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Using Facebook to advertise can be a very helpful tool because it provides you with the opportunity to pinpoint a more specific demographic. However, if you’re unfamiliar with how to effectively use Facebook ads and what demographics to select, then you probably won’t achieve the best results. By giving you some tips on how to run successful Facebook ads, we hope that you can apply these methods in order to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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